Working with aging or neglected aquarium systems can be a difficult and delicate business. By applying our extensive experience with the available aquarium technologies and closed biological systems we can help you get your aquarium under control. A primary focus for us at Fluid Dynamics is the integration of fail safe systems into every component possible in an aquarium system. It is our opinion that the only thing you can count on a piece of equipment to do is fail. By providing proper fail-safes into any aquarium system you can ensure that a broken pump or power outage is only a small nuisance instead of an expensive catastrophe. Starting with a FREE system evaluation, we will analyze the current state of your aquarium livestock and equipment and map out a unique strategy to bring your aquarium back into shape. This could include:


Our upgrade program at Fluid Dynamics takes your aging system and brings it up to speed for increased functionality. This service often focuses mainly on modernizing your aquarium equipment with products like: Neptune Systems Apex controllers, LED lighting, T5 lighting, reflector upgrades, Flowstar high flow energy efficient pumps, cone skimmers, refugium additions or modifications, sump rebuilds or installations, kalkwasser reactors, calcium reactors systems, bio-pellet reactors, carbon reactors, phosban reactors, Vortech power heads, Korralia power heads, Nemo Marine fan systems, etc...


More often than not aquariums turn into a threatening snarl of wires, extension cords, and power strips. This is generally unsafe, unstable, and confusing if you every have to turn off a component. We will take the time mapping, labeling, running and mounting all of your in cabinet wiring in a logical and efficient manor. We will also take the opportunity to identify and damaged power components and either repair or replace those parts.


In some cases aging tubing, dangerous overflow set-ups, over reliance on check valves, lack of siphon breaks, or just over creative plumbing can be a ticking time bomb. Defusing these situations by modifying existing plumbing or installing completely new streamlined plumbing can at times be a necessary step.


Our restart program at Fluid Dynamics has been designed to fast track the recovery of systems on the brink of a crash or systems that have suffered years of neglect. It includes but is not restricted to: removing and manually scrubbing and rinsing all of the pest algae and detritus off the live-rock, complete sand removal and replacement with a portion of our aquaculture systems sand added a top layer to facilitate short cycling, equipment cleaning and repair, necessary or requested upgrades, 100% water change with established reef water from our aquaculture facility. In some cases, the client's livestock is quarantined at our facility until the system has stabilized from the major overhaul. Once the aquarium system has stabilized and metabolized the stirred up waste, the livestock is re-acclimated and introduced back into the newly refurbished system.