At Fluid Dynamics Aquariums we take the time and care needed in every visit to your system to maintain its long term beauty and stability. Because every system is unique in its care requirements we design a service and water change schedule that caters to both your needs and your aquarium's needs. Generally, this ranges between weekly, bi-weekly and monthly visits for aquariums and a few visits a year for ponds. Through the service documentation, all of your tank's key data is tracked over time: chemistry, nutrient consumption, feeding, light bulb age, etc... This allows us to keep you stocked on food and chemicals at all times, keep your bulbs up to date, and to predict and prevent any system failures. With every service you will be left a form stating all pertinent chemistry data, an analysis of the state of your equipment, an analysis of the health of your livestock, a list of any items delivered or repaired, a list of delivery items or atypical actions that will occur on our next visit, and notes on what we have dosed and what additional dosing may need to occur between visits. We perform water changes on all systems between one and four times per month. The amount is highly dependent on the needs of the system but is rarely less than 20% of the total system volume. We accurately calculate every system's true volume. This allows for accurate dosing, consumption tracking and judging necessary water change volumes. Standard Service Check List: Salinity(1.023-1.026) ______ pH(8.0-8.4) ______ Alkalinity(8-11 dKh) ______ Calcium(410-450ppm) ______ Magnesium(1300-1500ppm) ______ Nitrate(0-5)______ Phosphate(0-0.1)______ Temp(75-78°F) _______ Water Clarity _______ RO/DI Top-Off System TDS(0-3ppm)_______ Cleaned/ Inspected Skimmer Cleaned Salt Creep Inspect Coral and Fish Inspect Refugium Clean Overflow Grates and Plumbing Clean and Inspect Siphon Breaks Brush Detritus and Algae Off Live Rock Water Change as Needed Clean and Polish Display Glass Inspect all Pumps Wipe Down/Polish Cabinets Dose Up Nutrients as Needed