At Fluid Dynamics each custom aquarium we install is a reflection of our vision in both form and function. The days of awkward cabinetry, leaking plumbing, and unsafe, unkempt electrical are behind you. Every top of the line custom aquarium system we design is approached with a dual focus to the engineering of its beauty: the living art contained and the cabinetry without. To provide you with a safe, exquisite aquarium and healthy marine life, at Fluid Dynamics we take a very detailed approach to your aquarium's biological support systems. We use high quality plumbing components and inspect every joint to insure a leak free system. The aquariums are run in our shop for one week with fresh water to observe for any leaks or major component failure. This wet testing process also aids in the removal of any manufacturing oils or component out-gassing you can experience with new aquarium equipment. All reef systems are equipped with a quiet overflow system, a refugium, a sump, a skimmer, a computer control and monitoring system, power heads, and an air flow control system. Depending on the desired animal inhabitants we also regularly install our completely fail safe protected kalk reactor & calcium reactor system, water change systems, and chillers of all sizes and voltages. In order to provide you with both a beautiful piece of furniture and the piece of mind to trust your aquarium's longevity, all of the aquariums Fluid Dynamics install have custom cabinets built to order. Any aquarium over 400 gallons we advise the integration of an extruded aluminum internal structure with adjustable feet in the stand to more safely distribute the weight. While we often work with acrylic, for long term beauty we recommend glass aquariums because they do not become hazy, scratched and bowed over time like acrylic aquariums. When placing your new aquarium project in your home there are many design aspects like this to consider and we can help walk you through these planning stages with ease. At Fluid Dynamics we work with and apply any material from security glass to bamboo to get you the look and quality you want. Let your imagination run wild and we will show you how we can get there with your home or office aquarium.