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  • Tyree Sunset Montipora

    Tyree Sunset Montipora

    The FDA Approved Tyree Sunset Montiis an eye catching coral in any sps tank. Its bright orange body and lime green polyps definitely attract the eye. This montipora coral is fast growing and mildly aggressive so be sure to give it lots of room to grow.

    Bright Orange body, lime green Polyps. Medium-fast growing hardy SPS.

    Med/High, Med-High Flow, Broadcast Feeding.

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  • Ultra Deep Water Lobo

    Ultra Deep Water Lobo

    This Ultra Deep Water Lobophyllia is simply a stunning LPS coral. It is rare to see lobo colonies like this as bright and healthy as this piece. We have sat on this piece for about a year because we haven't had the heart to let it go. The time has come to share this one of a kind beauty so grab it while you have the chance. The colony had 5 large polyps. The image is of the other 4 that were already sold as a whole piece. The final polyp had totally separate flesh and was removed cleanly.

    Ultra High Color Deepwater Lobo, you will receive the last remaining polyp of this stunning colony.

    Med Light, Med/Low Flow, Heavy Broadcast Feeding and/or Spot Feeding.

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  • Very Berry Chalice

    Very Berry Chalice

    The FDA Exclusive Very Berry Chalice is a glowing example of a high end LPS coral. This colony has glowing orange spots on a leaf green boy. The way the orange berry like spots glow makes this truly one of the nicest chalices we have seen. Frags are limited so act fast because we don't know when the next release will be.

    Leaf green body, bright orange spots.

    Med Light, Med Flow, Broadcast Feeding.

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  • War Coral

    War Coral

    The FDA Approved Original War Coral is solid red with bright green eyes. This Favites colony grows rather quickly and has been in our care for 4 years now. Great addition to any reef tank.

    Red body, neon green eyes. Hardy coral.

    Med- Med/High Light, Med- Med/High Flow, Broadcast Feeding.

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  • Wham’in Watermelon Zoa

    Wham’in Watermelon Zoa

    The Wham'in Watermelon Zoanthus polyps speak for themselves. They truly are a staple for the reef aquarium hobby. Once fully colored they blow most other Zoas out of the water and can be acquired at a reasonable price. These corals are bi-winning.

    Neon green skirt, red disc, large dark blue mouth. Hardy.

    Low-High Light, Low-High Flow, Broadcast Feeding.

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  • Xmas Zoa

    Xmas Zoa

    The FDA Exclusive Xmas Zoanthus is a nice little treat we found tucked away on the edge of an unimpressive zoanthid colony. Once separated and cultured it was clear that we had something special. We have had this Zoa for a little over 6 months and they get better and brighter every day. We have enough to share a few small frags. It will be some time before we release more of this coral.

    Green skirt, gold ring, red disc.

    Med-Med/High Light, Med-Med/High Flow, Broadcast Feeding.

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  • Yellow Branching Galaxea

    Yellow Branching Galaxea

    The FDA Yellow Branching Galaxea is a rare and cool looking treat. Previously named Acrhelia horrescens, the Galaxea horrescens corallites seems to spiral around it's branches as opposed to other corals where they appear random. In the wild, this Galaxea lives away from the shoreline. You will want to keep this away from your other high end corals. This colony can send out tentacles around 2 inches when it wants. When fully happy it turns a beautiful yellow color. Even in a stable system this color comes and goes. Aside from the expected color shifts this is a hardy coral.

    Tan-yellow-green flesh, long tentacles. Hardy coral.

    Med/High-High Light, Med/High Flow, Broadcast Feeding.

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