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  • Kermit Acro

    Kermit Acro

    The FDA Kermit Acropora is a great bushy sps coral. It has a bright green body and many large polyps that give it its fuzzy look. Like most fuzzy Acros the Kermit will look good and add a sense of movement to any sps tank. While not the fastest grower it is worth the wait.

    Bright green body, fuzzy surface of green polyps. Sensitive to poor waste levels.

    Med/High-High Light, Med/High Flow, Broadcast Feeding.

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  • Melting Pot Chalice

    Melting Pot Chalice

    The FDA Approved Melting Pot Chalice is a perfect specimen of the painted metallic golden chalices. Also called Aztec Gold by some, this coral has a bright metallic gold body with a high probability of several different greens and blues in random patching.

    Bright metallic gold body and eyes, many green and blue patches.

    Med/High-High Light, Med Flow, Broadcast Feeding.

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  • Miami Hurricane Chalice

    Miami Hurricane Chalice

    The FDA Approved NA Miami Hurricane is everything you want from a high end chalice coral. We acquired the seed colony from Robert at Neptune Aquatics and are now aquaculturing it in house.

    Frags are limited so act fast.

    Med Light, Med, Broadcast Feeding.

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  • Multicolor Bellina Acro

    Multicolor Bellina Acro

    The Multicolor Bellina Acropora is a great fuzzy sps coral. This color combo and intensity is rare for this variety of fuzzy Acropora. It has a blue/purple body with bright green/yellow polyps. By all accounts identical to the ORA Multicolor Bellina Acropora but this came from the wild so it cannot be coined as such.

    Blue/purple body, bright green/yellow polyps.

    Med/High-High Light, Med/High Flow, Broadcast Feeding.

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  • Mustard Green Chalice

    Mustard Green Chalice

    The FDA Mustard Green Chalice is a great coral to work with and look at. We have had it growing in our aquaculture system for over 2 years now and it has never missed a step. It has very nice even green coloration unlike any I have seen. Also, this coral grows very quickly.

    Solid mustard green. Hardy chalice coral. The frag pictured is considered a large.

    Med-High Light, Med Flow, Broadcast Feeding.

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  • Mystery TieDye Mushroom

    Mystery TieDye Mushroom

    The FDA Approved Mystery TieDye Mushroom is ultra hard to find and once adult sized is hands down the prettiest mushroom out there. They are hardy and the babies generally drop buds within a year. Very limited release so grab them up when they are available.

    Orange with patches and streaks of red, green, and Purple. Hardy mushroom coral.

    Med- Med/High Light, Med Flow, Broadcast Feeding.

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  • Oil Slick Chalice

    Oil Slick Chalice

    The FDA Exclusive Oil Slick Chalice is a very interesting coral. While a delicate chalice we have had great success with this coral for over 2 years now. You will see green, red, and blue along with all the colors in between that are all blended together across the coral like oil in sunlight.

    Redish eyes, greenish body, blueish ring, all blended.

    Med/Low-Med, Med Flow, Broadcast Feeding. Do not disturb whenever possible, flesh easily tears but heals quickly. A very delicate chalice that will not tolerate med/high phosphates or nitrates.

    Expert Only

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  • Old School Reds Zoa

    Old School Reds Zoa

    The FDA Old School Reds Zoanthus have been around in our systems for the last 9 years. We don't see these ones come in any more. We have always thought this soft coral was really cool looking with the detail blue in their mouths. This Zoa will be released in small amounts so if you like it grab it up now.

    Brown/red skirt, red disc, blue inner mouth. Hardy.

    Med-Med/High Light, Low/Med-Med/High Flow, Broadcast Feeding.

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  • OMG Chalice

    OMG Chalice

    The FDA Exclusive OMG Chalice blows my mind every time I look at it. We picked up this wild coral colony with our fingers crossed because it was white, small, and damaged. This was early on in the chalice craze and we saw watermelon potential. It took it over 16 months to recover, but the wait was definitely worth it.

    Very limited frag releases as we our letting the mother grow out. Neon orange Eyes, bright green body, cherry Red spot spokes, and a light sky blue ring.

    The frag pictured has encrusted around the plug and hidden its light blue ring. The frag has grown since this photo. We are considering the frag as four eyes. You can email us if you have a serious inquiry.

    Relatively hardy, Med light, Med Flow, broadcast feeding.

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