Check Out Fluid Dynamics Facilities

At the Fluid Dynamics Aquariums shop we have everything necessary to support your aquarium needs and desires. We work very hard to offer the best aquarium livestock quality available in the industry. Providing your aquarium with this level of quality begins with passing all aquatic life through at least one month of our intensive quarantine procedures. After quarantine corals and fish are placed into our 1,600 gallon multi-zoned aquaculture and long term care marine system. This computer controlled system consists of a large sandy sea floor, a large high flow cheatomorpho refugium, a mangrove garden, a 110gal open ocean volume boosting tank, fish and invert holding compartments, a 150gal high flow live rock tub, a high flow lifted bottom sps grow out tank, a medium/high flow lps grow out tank, a medium flow softy and anemone grow out and holding tank, and a large frag flat tank. We also cure live rock in a separate 300 gallon set-up. We take great care in the production of our aquarium water because we believe that proper water chemistry is the key to success. We produce 0ppm of total dissolved solids water with our 300gal/day shop reverse osmosis de-ionization (RO/DI) filter that feeds into three 300 gallon holding towers. We then mix our saltwater 300gal at a time using half D-D Aquatics H2Ocean Magnesium Pro Plus Salt Mix and half NeoMarine Precision Salt Blend. We find that together these salts mix closest to our ideal nutrient levels. Additionally, through this combination we avoid the pitfalls of manufacturing irregularities experienced in specific batches of marine salts. Every batch of salt we mix up is then tested and corrected for alkalinity, calcium, magnesium. By doing these we produce highly pure and highly consistent aged saltwater for our clients and our holding systems. In order to support your aquarium's needs with out delay we maintain backup units and parts for all of the standard pieces of equipment we install, and many we do not. We at Fluid Dynamics believe that it is only appropriate for us to make a significant investment in maintaining back-up components when you consider the investment our clients have made in keeping a beautiful aquarium system. For those items we do not have we will use what is needed to stabilize your aquariums situation while the parts come on order. If you would like to see our shop and do some coral shopping first hand, contact us to schedule an appointment.