About Fluid Dynamics Aquariums

  Fluid Dynamics Aquariums was founded in May 2009 under the mission: to honestly and efficiently provide our customers with the finest, most successful and sustainable aquatic life possible. This is accomplish by providing individualized, continuing service and support to each unique aquarium maintained or created.  Fluid Dynamics Aquariums is the culmination of years of hard work, research, and dedication to the art and science of aquarium systems. The CEO, Dustin Lofland, graduated from UC Santa Cruz as a Biologist and Environmental Scientist having also studied at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor Maine. He has been professionally designing, building, and maintaining aquarium systems for the last 9 years. The Fluid Dynamics Aquariums facilities maintain an extensive selection of high end coral colonies and fragments, a wide variety of saltwater fish and invertebrates in a five-zoned, 1600 gallon reef system. Our philosophical view is that all life systems must be respected, thus the greatest care is taken when acquiring these exotic species. The most ecologically sustainable options are chosen whenever possible to reduce the impact on natural reef environments while at the same time increasing awareness and providing enjoyable viewing of these species to a broader audience. Every aquarium system is unique and requires a personally catered approach. We focus on water chemistry, in tank flow, high quality foods, and equipment fail-safes. By stabilizing and maintaining these features in an aquarium the groundwork is set for years of stress free enjoyment. Being centrally located in San Jose, California, Fluid Dynamics Aquariums is able to provide its services to the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Their client range covers an area north to Mill Valley, south to Monterey, east to Danville, and west to Santa Cruz, with a few monthly service outliers. If you are unsure whether or not our servicesare right for you, contact us to schedule a free aquarium evaluation and service quote.